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Partner Program Overview

The E-Partner Program is designed for network security focused Value Added Resellers, System Integrators and Managed Security Service Providers, who want to market, sell, and deliver Evohop enterprise network security solutions to their customers. The program enables and rewards you for selling Evohop products and services to end users.

Why Partner with Evohop?

Evohop's R&D team has pioneered the Security 2.0 version of network security with our innovative hybrid platform that allows our users to secure their network in ways that many have thought to be light-years ahead of it's time. The Security 2.0 platform safely enable the increasingly complex and rapidly growing number of users, applications, cloud services and remote connections running through their networks.

The market we can address with our Security 2.0 network security platform is Billion's of dollars annually and growing. We are in a unique position to create many opportunities for you to work with us in marketing and selling our products and servicing end users.

What Makes Evohop Unique?

Traditional network security products are incapable of 100% packet inspection running bi-directionally in and out of their infrastructures. Our Security 2.0 hybrid network security platform, with our Next Generation IPS Node at the edge, can safely enable the use of rapid new applications and cloud services while protecting against a wide array of security threats. Built from the ground up and 10 years tested with over 80,000 deployments, we deliver unmatched capabilities and continue to push the envelope. Continual innovation is at the core of everything we do.

We are the first company to define and lead the industry's transition to the Security 2.0 paradigm. We will continue to deliver new products and services that benefit our users in unique ways.

In doing so, we also create unique opportunities for our channel partners to benefit from this industry transformation. Our E-Partner program is for enterprise network security solution providers who want to market and sell our platform to their prospects and customers. We reward and protect our channel partners for delivering value-added services to their customer and with the full support from our team.